Dec 052011

This weekend we Christmas shopped, we started the Christmas sort out downstairs.

We got the dogs together, my sisters and Tito just so they were ready before Christmas day. We walked them, my sisters dog ran in the pond. Tito wondered off sniffing around, refusing to play and being a tad antisocial. To say he is a grumpy old man is an understatement to be honest.

But even though he was grumpy and did everything on his terms they still got on famously and everyone is happy they will be fine on Christmas Day.

We had a great weekend although busy and long at times. But we are gradually getting there.

The decorations are going up today when Mr L gets home and we are slowly but surely getting there.

Today we are all a bit tired last night we were all in bed early and I think this week we need to catch up steadily and slowly so that we are all ready for Christmas as we are so nearly there.

Nov 252011

So I haven’t been on for a while, I haven’t been blogging I just haven’t had the time.

I am so busy at the moment, it is the biggest time of the year for everything that I do. Busiest time for craft businesses, with customers ordering for Christmas presents, and I have to admit Scrapbookerry is going from strength to strength it is so exciting. Knowing that it is all my doing and that people are buying things that I am making. It always sends a flutter in my tummy when someone orders something it is fantastic I just love it. At the moment I am getting some fantastic Custom orders and am loving making them, but they are taking up all my time. Not that I am complaining not on little bit.  Continue reading »

Jul 282011

Yesterday I was running around getting ready for the wedding, I can not believe it is on Saturday.

It is getting close and we are all trying to get ready in our house! Yesterday I was sorting the house out for when my sister comes to babysit Baba. That was a task in itself but it is all done now, the trick now is to keep Baba out of the house! So it remains that way.

I am still making confetti cones, and made some more yesterday but have run out of ribbon, so today we need to go and collect some more to finish these off tonight.  Continue reading »