Jan 142013

Today we woke up to a bit of snow, not a huge amount but a bit anyway and Baba loved it.

I asked if he still wanted to go to preschool, as to be honest I could have kept him home, but he really wanted to go and play with his friends. So we decided to get there a little earlier to have a bit of a play in the field opposite with the snow.

We went walking in the snow to see how far the snow came over our boots.  Continue reading »

Nov 302010

Last night I had a grand three hours sleep.

Baba went down with a severe case of croup and was up all night. We used his inhaler and he was really struggling there was a point where we were seriously thinking about calling the ambulance. But Mr L managed to calm him and his breathing became deeper.

But still there was no sleep for me. Continue reading »