Apr 122012

Baba has had a spot on his arm for about a year or so now. We noticed it first and thought it was a little pigment spot, that was bright red, he has one of these below his eye that comes and goes from time to time, so we noticed it but didn’t take a lot of notice if that makes sense.

It popped up below his elbow on his arm, but gradually this spot looked a little different to the one below his eye, and suddenly started to get bigger and bigger. I took him to the doctors and got told it was fine, I did get given a name but to be honest I can’t remember what it was. I was told not to worry, it would get bigger and then one day would fall off and was completely normal.

So we came home and left it, although I have to admit I was a little miffed, as I didn’t think it was a great response.  Continue reading »

Jan 202011

This week we have had a difficult one with Baba, it is like he is ill. But not really ill and I really can’t work it out.

I think that he is fighting something his little body at night seems very distressed when he is sleeping, he thrashes around, talks in his sleep, cries in his sleep and screams a lot. So we have basically had no sleep at all. Continue reading »