Sep 162013

Baba hasn’t been great at sleeping for a long time now!

It started last year when Rhianna died, and we managed to get him nearly back to normal and then his Uncle Dave died and he was very scared at this point! He didn’t like Daddy going to work, he didn’t like being left and the nightmares started.

Ever since then he has been really bad at sleeping, he hasn’t wanted to be left and he has generally always ended up in our bed and going to sleep with one of us next to him. We tried to use school as I tool to get him back to sleep in his own room, but that didn’t work and just resulted in screaming, crying and Baba constantly coming out of his room, and some nights a nearly three-hour bed time.

It was hell!

Both Mr L, Baba and myself hated it. Continue reading »

Feb 102011

Yesterday Baba and I fell out, big time.

I am not usually the one to shout in our house, Mr L usually does enough of it for the both of us. Sure I can shout back at Mr L, but I try my hardest not to shout at Baba or around him. It takes a lot to push me to that point. Yesterday Baba achieved it.

We got a laptop for Christmas as a joint present from the in-laws, but upstairs we have a desktop computer, now it is a few years old, but works OK. The memory is nearly full that is about all. So it is still used for lots of things. Continue reading »

Oct 012010

Why is it so hard to get a child into a good sleep pattern and then so easy to break it?

Baba has always slept through the night, I know before you all start screaming at me, from about 3 months. But it is the getting the sleep thing that has been the hardest to crack.

We have had a routine with him from an early age, he has a bath, goes down has his milk and then up to bed for a story. That is fine the next part is the problem.

If he falls asleep while listening to a story, fine he will be out till at least 6am. However if he is still awake after the story ends all hell breaks loose. He does not like to be left alone. When we first started doing this we tried every technique in the book. At first nothing worked. But then we noticed that we could sit in the room with our back to him and he didn’t mind. Gradually oh so gradually and so quietly we would manage to move across the room, until we got to the point were we could get up from reading and go and stand by the door. Yeah victory for mummy and daddy. Continue reading »

Jul 062010

Yesterday I had to take Tito to the vets, he got stung on his right pad and also has a skin infection between his paws. So he is constantly licking and licking his paw at the moment, he had to have a couple of injections to get the sting and the itchiness to stop. He was fine all be it a little grumpy in the evening.

Today he has woke up and he is walking fine, and seems to be much better. So all is good in the world of our beagle again. Continue reading »