Mar 192012

So I am back in the throes of not sleeping. I am fine during the day but as soon as night-time hits, I seem to just lay there staring into space. My eyes are so tired that they hurt and sting, but still sleep never comes.

I see in midnight, 1am, 2am and sometimes 3am before I finally get to sleep. I didn’t sleep well Thursday night, I was just to mentally full as I had so many ideas in my head, so Friday I was tired. But I battled through and then went to work in the evening, which meant another very late night. The problem with being a babysitter, is you come in at 12.30am and you are full of energy, to then fall straight asleep is hard work. So yet again I was laying staring at space, doing nothing.  Continue reading »

Feb 242012

I haven’t blogged for a while, there really hasn’t been much point, we are all still ill. We are all still in the full on virus stage, Mr L is feeling a little better, Baba managed a day at pre-school. One day of normality and has been off ever since due to conjunctivitis! (It never rains but pours hey!)

As for me I am still battling this virus. I feel like pants, I am desperately trying to sort some stuff out in the house that is literally taking me forever and a day, I seem to get a room done that takes me all day as I am constantly coughing or am crashing out on the sofa as I am so unbelievably tired that by the time that room is finished the next one is needing to be sorted again! It is driving me mad, and meaning that I am probably not relaxing as much as I should be as I can’t do it as I know there is so much to do in the house.  Continue reading »

Dec 302011

So last night for the first time in over a week I actually slept, since doing my back in I haven’t had a full nights sleep and have been awake on and off all evening as I try to move around in bed and try to get comfortable. It has been hell to be honest, and I have woken every morning more tired than the night before! Which has been complete rubbish to be honest. It has meant that every day I have struggled to stay awake, and by 4pm I have been dead on my feet as I am so blooming tired.

But last night was completely different. I finally relented after going to the doctor and took some tablets before bed, and last night I didn’t wake until Baba came running in this morning at 7pm after he woke up himself. It was bliss I have to say. A full nights sleep for a whole seven and a half hours, something that has not happened in over a week. Oh and what a difference it has made! I feel so much better for it! I feel ready to tackle the day and feel a bit more motivated. More so than I have done all week, and I no longer feel so unattached with the world and am ready to tackle a few things head on today. I have to take the chance as I may not be able to move again tomorrow so I had better do it today really!

It is amazing how different you can feel with just one nights sleep, lets hope it isn’t the only one for a while and that I continue to get a good nights sleep as it really does make all the difference at the moment!

Jan 202011

This week we have had a difficult one with Baba, it is like he is ill. But not really ill and I really can’t work it out.

I think that he is fighting something his little body at night seems very distressed when he is sleeping, he thrashes around, talks in his sleep, cries in his sleep and screams a lot. So we have basically had no sleep at all. Continue reading »